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Version 2.1 September 25, 2005
  • File/New, File/Open and File/Save feature (only in XML-mode)
  • Prevents an input that is longer than the length of the input field in database (only in database mode needed)
  • A sort sequence in reports that does not split several films within the same medium
  • A TabbedPane in settings panel to reset user preferences to defaults
  • All settings are managed by graphical user interface
  • A description for each input field with ToolTipText
  • GenerateTestData: A tool that generates a certain number of anonymous testrecords
  • UpgradeToV2_0.sql: The length of the field "role" from 20 increased to 50 characters
  • Better handling of input errors
  • Some bugs fixed
Version 2.0 February 4, 2005
  • A person table with common person attributes created, directors and actors as roles with references to the person table implemented
  • A common super class "Persons" for persons, directors and actors implemented
  • An optional list of actors with their roles to a film added, and a GUI to manage actors of a film implemented
  • Tools for migration from older data versions provided
  • Handling of person tables (e.g. Director class) in the super classes Person, PersonView and PersonEditPanel
  • Handling of common fields of the table classes (dvdthek.db package) in a super class DVDThekDataBase
  • Some bugs fixed
Version 1.7 November 11, 2004
  • This version provides mostly internal changes and improvements, it has generally the same functionality as the previous version
  • A link to the Home Page of DVDThek on SourceForge.net, so people can download also older versions
  • If the preferences file was created by a previous version of DVDThek, a backup copy of the preferences file is created, before the settings are updated
  • A hierarchical architecture within the GUI package implemented
  • A hierarchical architecture within the views classes implemented
  • A subclass of DVDThekTableModel for each table and for the film report added
  • Full generic management of subclasses without class parsing in the GUI package, solved with general superclasses
  • Management of unsaved modified records reduced from two lists to one
  • The static sorting methods in the classes of dvdthek.db package replaced with sorting classes in dvdthek.sort package
  • Some bugs fixed
Version 1.6 June 27, 2004
  • Default value of next medium number can be selected in the setting menu
  • Table columns to be listed on the screen can be selected
  • Exception handling on each record for import exceptions
  • INI-File (DVDThek.ini) divided into system preferences (DVDThek.cfg) and user preferences (preferences)
  • Some bugs fixed
Version 1.5 May 14, 2004
  • Prompt before program exit, after the replacement of an existing file was denied
  • A menu item added to look for updates
  • A hyperlink added in the info dialog to open a miscellaneous homepage
  • Focus (cursor) set on specific component to make the handling a little easier (doesn't work on Java LookAndFeel
Version 1.4 May 8, 2004
  • Resize all table columns when the window is resized
  • Some bugs fixed
  • A quick guide added to the manual
Version 1.3 May 5, 2004
  • Making the TreePanel dynamic (updating the tree after a node has been removed, added or changed)
  • Default settings for director, category and region when adding a film record
  • Some bugs fixed
  • Manual updated
Version 1.2 April 25, 2004
  • Preview or print the name of each view to see the selected filter
  • UserManual for DVDThekV1.2 available
Version 1.1 April 23, 2004
  • Fields "audio", "subtitle", "created", "modified" and "user" added
  • Exports: Confirm dialog when file already exists
  • Multiple LookAndFeel
  • Load new XML project file immediatly after the setting for "XML-Projectfile" has been changed
  • Doesn't preview or print all records but only those previously selected
  • Parameter "userid" added to INI-File for getting database connection from an external host
  • UML-Charts available
Version 1.0 April 11, 2004
  • Maintenance of a catalogue of films with corresponding categories, directors and region codes
  • Can be used with database (e.g. MySQL) or XML interface
  • Import from XML and export to XML
  • A tree to select films, categories, directors and regions, and tree nodes to filter films by category or region
  • A selection panel with search and sorting features
  • Displaying and editing categories, directors and regions can be allowed or denied by setting the corresponding parameters
  • Management of changed but not saved records
  • Utility for printing or exporting to PDF, XLS, HTML, CSV or TXT
  • Multilingual
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