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Business Logic

  • Maintenance of a catalogue of films with corresponding directors, actors, categories and region codes
Technical features
  • Choice between usage with database or XML
  • Data import and export from and to XML
  • Ensures referencial integrity of data
  • Hierarchical class models with inheritance
  • Management of changed but not saved records
  • Multilingual user interface
  • User preferences are individually save
User Interface
  • A dynamically generated tree panel to select films, categories, directors and regions, and tree nodes to filter films by category or region
  • A selection panel with search and sorting features
  • Table columns to be listed on the screen can be individually selected
  • Utility for printing or exporting data to PDF, XLS, HTML, CSV or TXT with preview feature
  • OpenBrowser feature to enable search for updates
  • Choice between System and Java LookAndFeel
  • User manual (German)
  • UML-Charts
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Last modified: 2005-02-06