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  DVDThek Version 2.1
All settings are managed by graphical user interface. File/New, File/Open and File/Save feature is provided for XML-mode. A sort sequence in reports prevents splitting of several films within the same medium. Better handling of input errors.

DVDThek Version 2.0
Actors and their roles can be added to a film. A person table with common person attributes like last name and first name created. Directors and actors are implemented as roles with references to the person table. Tools for migration from older data versions provided.

DVDThek Version 1.7
This version provides mostly internal changes and improvements.
Management of preferences files, created by different versions of DVDThek.
Full generic management of subclasses without class parsing in the GUI package.

DVDThek Version 1.6
A menu item added to look for updates.
Table columns to be listed on the screen can be selected.
Store user preferences individually at users home.

DVDThek Version 1.3
Preview or print the name of each view to see the selected filter.
UserManual available (written in german language)

DVDThek Initial revision
Maintenance of a catalogue of films with corresponding categories, directors and region codes.
Can be used with database (e.g. MySQL) or XML interface.
Utility for printing or exporting to PDF, XLS, HTML, CSV or TXT.
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Last modified: 2005-09-25